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  • Human Resources Transformation
  • Organization, Transformation and Talent Acquisition
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-> Delivering next-generation business outcomes

AKASI Operations combines technology that digitizes and automates business processes, unlocks actionable insights, and delivers everything-as-a-service with our team's deep industry, functional and technical expertise. So you can confidently chart your course to consuming your core business services on demand, accelerate innovation and speed to market. Welcome to the 'as-a-service business revolution.

Business Model Transformation
Akasi's Business Model Transformation consultants are ready to help you capture new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of consumer preferences. We help organizations set and execute their strategic vision and dramatically improve business performance

We deliver business control, value creation and cost improvement all along the finance value chain, from transaction processing to compliance and business analytics.

Services Operations
We deliver business control, value creation and cost improvement all along the finance value chain, from transaction processing to compliance and business analytics.

Human Resources Transformation
There’s no single path to driving value through HR - not every HR initiative is transformative. However, every HR investment can point the way to value. That’s where Akasi’s HRT practitioners excel: Forging a direct path to High Impact. The success of any HR Transformation initiative extends beyond the creation of capacity and focuses on building the capability, credibility and community to deliver High Impact for the business. For three decades, our practitioners have focused exclusively on the HR function. We will never stop investing in the future of HR. We are the leader today because we are always thinking about tomorrow

Organization, Transformation and Talent Acquisition
The need for HR transformation has evolved in recent years from a focus on productivity and efficiency to an emphasis on impact and strategic business partnering. Yet today, more than two out of every five companies say their HR operations still have a “weak” impact on organizational success. As a result, organizations now expect HR to deliver more value in more ways:

  • To set the talent agenda in a global Open Talent Economy.
  • To contribute to performance and engagement.
  • To use technology and analytics to deliver bottom-line results.
Making this all happen takes a sharp focus on three principles.It’s about the business. Business imperatives and insights about the workforce have to guide how HR operates, not the other way around

Beyond the organization. The importance of industry, social networks, customers, the external market, and other stakeholders must be reflected in how HR operates.

The High-Impact HR Operating Model is a new way to visualize the roles and relationships any HR organization must understand today. It’s designed to help HR meet the growing expectations of the business, efficiently and with added value.

After all, that’s why HR exists in the first place, isn’t it?

Leadership Development
-> -> Modernizing structures and processes to release the potential of your organization

As CIO of your organization, you have immense opportunity to take advantage of new technologies that will vastly enhance performance and reduce risks. Through Akasi's CIO advisory services, you can adapt quickly to organizational changes, from effectively managing mergers and acquisitions and regulatory changes to proactively defending against cyber risks and taking advantage of digital technologies.With decades of experience in providing business consulting services to leaders of IT organizations across various industries, AKASI can help you implement an innovative organization that controls costs and achieves a return on your technology investments

-> Chief Information Officer Advisory Services

  • Agile enterprise services :AKASI helps clients evolve toward a sustainable growth model through the development of agile processes and systems that continuously adapt to economic and strategic changes. AKASI's core agile offerings include 'chain of innovation' services that identify the management and organizational frameworks and technologies that accelerate the execution of ideas from concept to delivery
  • IT modernization services :Modernizing information systems has become a competitive imperative. With AKASI, clients design architectures that link their business lines through technology shared services that concentrate resources on those activities that create the most business value. Through our IT strategy and delivery management services, we help ensure productivity by implementing best practices that effectively manage service-to-operating costs and respond to continual change
  • Information security services :We help CIOs identify risks and articulate and implement proactive, business-aligned enterprise security strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance. Information security offerings include cyber security to enable better understanding of and protection against ever-evolving threats and attacks, and identity and access management to ensure that only authorized users gain access to organizational information.
    Drawing upon our experience as a leading IT outsourcing services provider, we also offer expert business consulting services to support the development of shared services strategies, business cases and implementation
    Let AKASI help you succeed in an environment of continuous and accelerating change by connecting your business and IT operations to forge a common vision that leads to successful transformation