Our Sectors

Banking and Capital Markets
Akasi Group sees how banking models are evolving and innovative approaches emerging. Yet, the strides are small. Banks need to fast track digital integration throughout their organization. Digitization has to become the foundation for their business. And the need for speed is more important than ever before, as a new banking landscape unfolds, bringing with it a continuous wave of new competitors. The big and strong are no longer guaranteed to win. Speed and agility count just as much…if not more. And the time to accelerate is now.

Energy Companies Count on AKASI

Energy companies are experiencing massive change. The emphasis on the need to be agile is challenging companies to re-define their value and competitive advantage. This struggle is aggravated by lead times in the execution of new projects, the geographical logistics of global resources, and the difficulty of increasing value for stakeholders. Our Energy professionals combine real-world industry experience with an in-depth understanding of our clients, their businesses, and the issues they face. We are constantly looking for better practices and emerging technologies. This helps us provide a highly informed perspective, which can translate into high-quality service. In the Energy industry, we are known for understanding current issues, attention to technical detail, and a relentless drive to innovate. Our Energy practice is a multidisciplinary team with deep industry experience. Surround yourself with inspired AKASI energy professionals who can help you raise your game. Our Energy practice assists major organizations to respond quickly to industry trends and business issues. We serve organizations operating in the two energy sectors:
•Oil & Gas
•Power & Utilities

Financial Services

Deep knowledge and penetrating perspective on the rapidly converging issues and drivers shaping the industry are the hallmarks of AKASI’s financial services professionals. Chief among our mission each day is to help our clients grow, connect with customers, manage costs, and comply with regulations by leveraging the powerful forces of data, digitization, and disruption. Through our daily interaction with the world’s largest financial organizations, we continue to enhance our understanding of industry issues and strengthen our capabilities to assist our clients with the following:
  • Business-process and cost optimization
  • Risk and regulatory transformation
  • Customer connectivity
  • Technology assets

By integrating our capabilities across technologies consulting functions, AKASI’s Financial Services professionals bring insight to help our clients build competitive advantage and align strategies during this period of substantive change and enormous opportunity.

Consumer & Retail

A range of pressures -- from rapid technology change and digital disruption, empowered consumers, rising costs, increased speed to market, and significant shifts in brand loyalty and purchasing behavior – are impacting today’s consumer businesses. AKASI GROUP works with Consumer & Retail companies, from small start-ups to large multinational operations, to develop and implement innovative, customer-led growth strategies and tightly-aligned business operations. With customized, industry-focused Technology and Advisory services, AKASI helps to drive superior shareholder value and embed and sustain positive change

Government & Public Sector

Transforming the public sector to achieve fiscal responsibility, efficiency, and transparency
In the face of budget constraints, expanding demand for services, and information-security challenges, governments and other public sector organizations at all levels are being challenged not only to do more with less, but also to do so effectively while transforming to serve the evolving needs of their diverse constituents. For more than 10 years, AKASI GROUP has assisted governments, higher education, research and not-for-profit organizations through sector-specific Technologies Services. Today, we help these organizations adapt to new environments by working with them to transform their business models, leverage data, increase operational efficiencies, and ensure greater transparency. Our more than 10 dedicated partners and professionals possess the knowledge, insight and awareness of pertinent legislation and regulatory implications needed to address the special needs of the government and public sector.


Although healthcare challenges can vary from region to region, health systems around the world have the same objective: to finance and deliver the highest possible quality of care to the maximum number of people at the lowest possible cost. We provide health organizations with professional guidance not just on healthcare issues in their local markets but also about operating in global markets including a broad mix of service lines that may include manufactured goods, retail, mobile communication devices, and information systems. AKASI brings a world of multiple-industry experience to its healthcare engagements


AKASI recognizes that today's economic environment is forcing insurers to rethink the way they conduct business. Volatile markets, disruptive technologies, and a complex web of new regulations and compliance issues have brought financial services companies to a crossroads. Long gone are the days of simply collecting, investing, paying, and reporting. Today's insurance executives face complex market issues such as regulatory uncertainty, evolving governance and risk management frameworks, sustaining operational performance, and maintaining liquidity. AKASI's Insurance professionals know how to transform today's uncertainty into opportunity for our clients. We view our insurance clients’ current challenges as possible breakthroughs that can transform their operations and create a sustainable advantage. We have accepted that change happens and business will never stop changing. We work with leading insurers to help them redirect these changes - with the goal of creating answers to their most pressing business questions.


Business transformation has reached a level of maturity in the Telecommunications industry, and executives view this period of rapid and dynamic change with optimism. Change - driven by technology, innovation, and consumer demand - is being viewed largely as a positive, and it’s creating new opportunities. Today, technology enables companies to change more efficiently, and though there is still inherent risk, it is greatly diminished. Companies that transform can take advantage of opportunities brought about by convergence. They need to adapt their business models to fight competitive threats and seize opportunities to grow. AKASI is a leader in providing regulatory consulting services to companies in the telecommunications industry. Acting decisively to align operations with rapid market transformation necessitates a critical eye on the current state of the industry, and a thoughtful examination of future challenges. Our industry partners and professionals provide clients with solutions for such leading challenges as:
  • Privacy and data security issues
  • IT transformation and business process improvement
  • Transfer pricing, including operational application
  • Strategic sourcing, shared services and outsourcing
  • Convergence of governance, risk and compliance
  • Digital transformation issues
  • M&A, including post-merger integration
  • Tax technology
  • Legal entity rationalization

As an established leader in serving communications providers, AKASI combines global perspective with in-depth industry knowledge to offer a focused array of collaborative services. AKASI’s Telecommunications group is a major player in technologies consulting for wireline and wireless, and maintains one of the largest technology Advisory service groups in the industry. Our people are meeting client challenges with performance, technology and risk issues, and are at the forefront of mobile commerce discussions.